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Trainee Program at AR TARIM

Seed Potato Academy
We create future leaders! In our team environment, you will be passionate to take the lead to set new milestones, drive change and deliver results. If you are ready to question the status quo on a daily basis then  you have grasped our spirit.
We create the next leaders for Agriculture!
We create the next leaders for Agriculture!

By embarking on our trainee program you are expected to become one of AR TARIM’s future leaders and help shape our business moving forward. The trainee program is a one year leadership program that includes on the job experience gaining in various departments supported by our corporate training plan. By working in different departments you will get an helicopter view of how we work and how we are connnected with each other. During the program we do not forget to dedicate most of your time on the area of your career goals.

After having finished the program you will be much more confident,open-minded and a visionary who is able to anticipate and see things in a broader perspective.Your visits to our international partners will open your horizon.

Trainee Programs are offered in the following areas:
  • Corporate Communication
  • Marketing
  • Finance & Accounting
  • Seed Potato Production
  • Logistics
A unique opportunity
to make a difference!
to make a difference!

Once selected you will join one of Turkey’s most reputable seed potato companies. We are ready to invest in your potential to hold a key position within AR TARIM in the future. We offer you an hands-on framework for this journey and your mentor will give you regular feedback on your performance to keep you focused. If you want to make a difference this will be your chance.

You can now prove that all what you claimed to be during the job interview does not stay only as a lip say. To succeed you need to learn fast, have analytical skills and be able to defend your ideas solidly. When striving to deliver results independently you nevertheless do not forget the advantages of synergies of teamwork.